Spies at work:

Spies at Work website is now dedicated to resources - including links to websites - about the history of employment blacklisting, particularly, but not exclusively the activities of the Economic League in the UK. 

Check out our new tab - The Blacklist - where you can see pages of League's 1980 black list.

Blacklisting News:

After 30 years of trying I have finally tracked down an image of s key chsracter in the creation and development of the Economic Leagues and more generallythe far right from the before the start oft First World. That person is Sir George Makgill. Bit of an anti climax he's just as mean looking as you'd expect from his CV. 

Other researchers in the field may well be interested. This is a lower resolution image if you want a higher resolution image let me know by email at mike.hughes@spiesatwork.org.uk.

Blacklisting History:

In 1994 Mike Hughes wrote the first complete history of te Economic league from its creation at the end of the first world war to its collapse in 1993.

This has now been revised updated and republished.

The revised version of Spies at Work is now available to purchase as an ebook  and as a real book from Lulu publishing.

Download the paperback here: paperback

Download the e book here: e book 

Some of material from Spies at Work of the material iis in clouded on the Powerbase entry on the League:


Blacklisting Resources Available Here:

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Useful Links to documents on other sites

Coming Shortly will be links and copies of:

  • primary published sources from the league (leaflets and booklets they have published)
  • primary unpublished sources (internal and leaked documents)
  • Videos of investigations of the league.
How you can help us find more resources:

Information about the League is not easy to find, and there is no complete archive. If you have material that you think would be useful to historians and researchers please feel free to contact us.